Monday, May 07, 2007

Fantasy Football: Hate It Or Love It?

With the NFL Draft in the rearview, football fans are all getting ready for the season to come. But your boy can't get over the season that was.

Millions of people are playing. But what's popular ain't always right. Fantasy Football: Hate It Or Love It?

You can respond in writing here or click the YouTube logo, grab a webcam and sound off with your answer. So...




Blogger Natalia said...

I don't like football, but I DO like fantasies.


*sigh* I just wanted to leave a comment.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Seth said...

"But your boy can't get over the season that was."



12:55 PM  
Blogger d i e m said...

Football? I stopped watching it years ago.....

7:30 PM  
Anonymous (True) Blue said...

As a fucktard and irrational fan of my favorite teams in all sports...well...personally I think fantasy football sucks...along with Fantasy baseball, fantasy (NBA) basketball....shit, man, I am just waiting for some fucking idiot to start Fantasy Log Pull, Fantasy fishing, Fantasy Dog Fighting, just like ATL's Vick...OH, HELL NO, Blue didn't go there...ok, so I did. Whateva.

Nice job, as always...

True Blue

2:24 AM  

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