Thursday, July 10, 2008


First of all… fuck Jesse Jackson! Now, to be sure this is not the first time I’ve made that declaration and - knowing Jesse and myself - it probably won’t be the last. But I had to get this out before it made my fucking head explode.

Here’s what Jesse had to say – or should I say whisper – when he thought the Fox mics had been turned off:

“See, Barack been, um, talkin’ down to Black people on this faith based… I wanna cut his nuts off.” (video below, with CNN discussion starring - who else? - Rev. Al)

Now first of all, Jesse, Barack is not the one talking down to Black people. You are. Barack, in the Father’s Day address that seems to have brought on this murderous rage, acknowledged that our government and our society can and must do better when it comes to the plight of Black people in this country. ( But he made an additional point. He said that which many Black people think and say throughout this country on a daily basis: We need to get our shit together.

He said “us” not “you.” And it was a message of love; Tough love is love, too. I’ll put it in my own words. “Nigga, if you was man enough to lay down and make a baby, then you need to be man enough to stand up and raise a child.” I don’t give a fuck if you or anybody else doesn’t want to hear it. That’s true spit. It’s not talking down to people to hold them accountable for their behavior. It is talking down to people to absolve them of personal responsibility because of societal ills.

Obama didn’t mock, insult or belittle. He just told it like it is. That’s not talking down to people. That’s treating people like adults, something which no segment of the American population gets very much of from our public officials. (If they can get married, that’ll make everybody gay!!! They hate us for our freedom!!! No gas tax this summer. Problem solved!!!)

But I understand why you might be a little sensitive. (Hey, Jesse! It’s 2008, do you know where your children are?!) Maybe somebody should have cut off your nuts before you had a chance to add to the depressing statistics to which Senator Obama referred. I mean, seriously, you fixed your sanctimonious mouth to talk about cutting Obama’s nuts off?!?!?!


In a nation where strange fruit has always been in season, how dare you make such a callous and utterly ignorant reference. If Don Imus had said this shit, you, Rev. Al and the rest of the Boycott Brigade would be out beating pans and talking shit – which seems to be all you ever do anymore. But nobody brings up the political and historical significance of even suggesting that you want to castrate the most prominent Black man in America at this moment. I don’t care if you apologized. You aren’t sorry for what you said. You’re sorry because the mic was hot. Fuck you! And fuck any and all muthafuckas who will try to excuse what you’ve said.


You want to cut Obama’s nuts off?! For what? For saying that Black men in this country can and must do better than they’ve done? You accused Obama of “acting White” when he wouldn’t be your puppet in reacting to the Jena 6. Where were you and Rev. Al when R. Kelly went free? I ain’t never been called a “nappy headed ho.” But I am going to assume that it ain’t nearly as bad as being pissed on by a statutory rapist. Yeah… I’m sure you’ll both be part of the standing ovation he will get when he wins his NEXT Image Award. I heard Barack Obama ask a congregation full of Black women if they need help. And I heard those women respond with a resounding, “YES!” Well, the truth is far too many of us are only looking to help Black women out of their panties. I agree with Senator Obama that they need a lot more help than that. My wife and kids couldn’t agree more.

I was in a Black comedy club one night and said, “I have two kids… by the same woman… my wife… which makes me a double minority.” OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH… you should’a seen how those niggas turned on me. And I say to them what I say to you on Barack Obama’s behalf, “I don’t make the news. I just report it.” It’s time for brothers to be called out on their bullshit. I’m tired of hearing about rappers and athletes and garden-variety niggas from around the way who have 6 kids by 7 mamas. (That’s not a typo. That’s a math joke. I like math jokes. Does that mean I’m acting white too?!)

We wring our hands about the problem of “single mothers.” But when do we cut the bullshit and admit that the single mothers are not the problem? Absentee fathers are the problem. The absolution starts before the discussion begins.

Of course R. Kelly wasn’t convicted for pissing on a Black girl. That’s nothing next to a community that has shit on Black girls for generations.


Who the fuck are you to dictate to Barack Obama what his beliefs should be about anything? You ran your campaigns. That was over in 1988. The flat-top was an acceptable hairstyle. I suggest with intended disrespect that you, your world view and your strategies are as relevant as the ol’ “box cut.” I just wish you would follow its lead and go the fuck away.

I keep asking where you get the balls to talk about cutting Obama’s nuts off. But it strikes me that you don’t have the balls to cut off his nuts… not even figuratively. And that’s why he stands, his own man, with a serious shot at becoming President of the United States… while you stand for nothing, having become a fucking joke.