Monday, August 21, 2006

The Fall Line

A New Millennium Nigga is hardly a fashion expert, but I am here to tell you that, this fall, brown will be the new black...when it comes to political race-baiting that is.

The party that brought you Willie Horton now brings you "Macaca." You see, that's a term that is essentially used to equate people with monkeys. And that's what Virginia Senator, George Allen call an Indian-American man who worked for his opponent and had the audacity to videotape him. What he said exactly was this:

"This fellow here, over here with the yellow shirt, macaca, or whatever his name is. He's with my opponent. He's following us around everywhere. And it's just great…. Let's give a welcome to macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia." (LA Times)

Yes, Virginia, there is racism in America. And it's alive and well. It resides in the halls of the Senate. And judging by the lack of denunciation from his party, it is still fully acceptable amongst Republicans.

It is not, however, acceptable to me. So I say...first of all...FUCK SENATOR GEORGE ALLEN!

Not that he would care. He reportedly took his yearbook picture wearing a confederate flag in his lapel. He reportedly flew a confederate flag in his own home until recently. He reportedly displayed a noose in his Virginia office. And he now reportedly "welcomes" Indian-Americans to America and the "real world" of Virginia, with the term "macaca," a French variation on the idea of a "porch monkey." (And here I thought the Republicans were still mad at the French...Does this mean that we can call muthafuckin Freedom Fries muthafuckin' French Fries again?!?!?!?!) By all reports, George Allen is a racist bastard, who has done nothing but sully the name of a Hall of Fame coach. (With no evidence to the contrary, I will assume that in this one case the apple fell a considerable distance from the tree that was legendary NFL coach, George Allen, the Sentor's father.) I am pretty fucking sure that he could not give a shit what the fuck I -- a Black man, an American -- think.

Yes, Brown is the new Black. (Gay-bashing is soooooo 2004. Helllllloooooo.) In our post-9/11 world you can say and do anything you like to people with brown skin, apparently, without raising the ire of the American public. Where are all the "What about the children?" cries I heard after a glimpse of Janet Jackson's tit? You can wage "pre-emptive" wars and kill hundreds of thousands of brown people. You can mispronounce Saddam's name until it sounds like Sodom or a curse word. You can insult a fellow American and call him a monkey. Traditionally, the fifth anniversary gift in America is wood. But on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, with mid-term elections around the corner and national unity transformed into rampant xenophobia, America's going to be getting a heapin' helpin' of racism. And this country is going to gobble it up. I will go on record betting that Senator Allen gets re-elected. Welcome to America, people! Welcome to the real world of Virginia!

Senator Allen - or "my cracker", or whatever your name is -- you opposed the recognition of the King holiday. But now that the nation has chosen to respect a man who worked to destroy the blanket of racism and hatred that you wrap himself in, I hope that you will take advantage of the day off this coming year to do a little homework on America. You see, not all Americans look like you. As a matter of fact, your friend "macaca" from the rally is from Virginia you ignorant fucking bigot. His name is S.R. Sidarth. He is a senior at the University of Virginia. He is an American. And he is a man, not a monkey. So, fuck you.

I know that he is a man, because he displayed great restraint in not whuppin' yo' ass when you disrespected him and his people. But you should be careful. You use that kind of language around the wrong muthafuckas -- muthafuckas like me, for instance -- and you might regret having a noose so handy.


Blogger Contract Attorney said...

Yeah ... I saw that comment by Allen and sat dumbfounded that I had to read about it from It seems conservatives are getting a proverbial "hall pass" to say all kinds of crazy shit. I can't wait until someone says something crazy about Jesus and see if that makes the papers. Mel already started talking crazy about Jews and you cannot get away from that story. So, I guess that goes to show you what the media cares about reporting. Call a brown man a monkey ... not a peep! Say the 9-11 widows are pimping the nation and insurance companies for money ... and you can practically hear crickets! Terrell Owens farts and it leads the 11:00 news on every station in the nation! You gotta love this country!

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh please... Republicans aren't the only people that say stupid shit. Just look at the recent comments by Andrew Young, LOL. People are basically ignorant and do stupid things, what a suprise. And I hope you meant he disgraced the American people, and not Black America, cause any racism is a disgrace to this nation, and not just one segment of it.

You are still absolutely brilliant,


4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, at least he's tanking in the polls. He's gone from a 19 point lead to a 3 point lead. Of course, I'm sure the Right Machine will fix that shit up by November, particularly since the voting public has a memory almost as short as K-Fed's talent.

-- Seth

7:40 AM  
Anonymous amy hayes long said...

Dear NMN,

I love you.

Your ardent fan, Old Republican white lady who is still shocked by stupidity.

3:26 PM  
Blogger New Millennium Nigga said...


I've been trying not to respond to comments anymore because it seems to me that I have had my say and should allow others to respond without the sense that I will inevitably have the last word.

That said, when someone who identifies herself as "Old Republican white lady" declares her love for a man known as "A New Millennium Nigga" either you're on a highly fucked up intergalactic sci-fi plantation or there is hope for thois world yet.

And now that I've broken my silence, thanks for the compliment Wes. I wasn't saying that only Blacks -- or people of color, for that matter -- should be offended. I was simply pointing out that many times Blacks have been used in one way or another to rally political support by those who trade in hatred. I believe every American should be offended that an occupant of one of the highest offices in this land is just plain ignorant.

So, now you know. I do read each and every comment that is posted.

Love Always,

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Magiel said...

Cheers of support from foreign borders,
Ceep telling them truth's.

Like your style.
Ceep writing!

Grtz from Amsterdam

3:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with the opinions you have about this Senator and racism and many other facets of what you've talked about... I honestly wasn't familiar with the term "Macaca" before...
But after looking it up a bit, and learning about Allen's past and heritage, I agree that this was a racial comment from a very ignorant person.

It kindled an issue I've had for years though...
The term "Monkey" and its place in our society.
I'm sick of the term "Monkey" being gobbled up and viewed purely as a racist attack on darker complexioned people.

So, I will rant about the term, "Monkey" as a racial slur...
I don't see it...
What I do see is how we all look like fucking monkeys and when I call someone a monkey, it has nothing to do with what race they are...
It reminds me of when Howard Cosell commented that a player was "running around like a monkey" during a Monday Night Football Broadcast.
So what... the player was black!
If he was white, it would be okay to call him a monkey, but because he was black, the majority of people gobbled it up and were outraged!
THAT is racism... because those people automatically hear "monkey" and think it is in reference to being black.
Why would they think that?
Do they think Black People look like monkeys?
Well, that's racist then (And pretty stupid).

It's tough, it really is... to try and move on and be mindful and sensitive to the history and current state of racism while trying not to be overly sensitive and ridiculous about it all... I'm not telling you anything new when I say it is tough for everyone.

NMN, you're just a clever monkey with a keyboard and so am I.

Honestly, with all the fucking stupidity and ignorance in this human-dominated world, I wish I truly were a monkey.

So, I'm just ranting on the "Monkey" Kick... If people get upset every time someone calls a man a monkey, then people will keep on holding it in their minds that black people ARE more similar to monkeys and thus why people get upset when the term is used for a person.
We all need to recognize that "monkey" is a good term to refer to all people at different times and in different circumstances.

(Sorry, I know this isn't just a place for me to get on a soapbox, but oh well... I did)

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See, I hate to be the one to respond to another post, BUT “We all need to recognize that "monkey" is a good term to refer to all people at different times and in different circumstances.” Huh? I’m not saying that your argument is stupid…yeah I am. My first question is: Are you Black, Latino, Asian, Indian, Arab? If not it’s obvious why you can’t see the racism in the monkey term. Being white in America affords you the comfort of not having to think about race on a daily basis, or a monthly basis, I’ll even stretch it to annual. But if you are any of the above I’ll just assume that you’ve retreated into denial about the current state of race in America. America has an incredible track record of de-humanizing anyone, or anything that is not and does not aspire to be lily-white.

Moreover, the entire outrage of the Howard Cossell comment is that in all his years of broadcasting he seemed to have NEVER referred to a white player as a monkey. It’s a slur! What I need for you to do is track down three quotes where someone of note referred to a white person as a monkey in a public forum. I remember when some sports caster on ESPN, tricked his subject in admitting that some event that he suffered was “in-something racism!” (dammit, I cannot remember the exact word). But basically he attempted and succeeded at taking his subjects feelings and telling him that they weren’t valid. Seeing how it was only nice racism. I mean that’s like civilians being caught in “friendly fire” in Iraq.

I’m not saying that we haven’t overreacted to some comments made, like the political guy who referred to the Big Dig project that collapsed as a tar baby. I mean, come on. But if you think that there’s nothing attached to the monkey word, please feel free to ask anyone of color for anything and then reply with “Thanks, Monkey.” Let us know how it turns out.


"I could go on ,and on ,and on. But who cares!"
gnarles barkley

8:50 PM  
Blogger Thalia said...

Thank you Nik...I couldn't have responded better to that myself. Personally I want to be present for the "Thanks, Monkey" response.

Why would any person of color be offended if you referred to them as a monkey, or any other animal for that matter? Because the word monkey has been used to refer to people of color in a derogatory way for decades. Don't try to dismiss that now.

Even if you wanted to believe that there is no harm in calling someone a monkey this situation with Allen proves why it is an issue. It is so clear that this was not a harmless comment made to welcome this gentleman. He meant to be racist, cruel and offensive. Let's not try to dismiss it and make excuses for his ignorance.

NMN's Proud Little Sister Thalia

6:26 AM  
Anonymous amyhalo said...

Dear NMN,

There is hope.


10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep on preaching, NMN. From a limey in the blogspere

7:45 AM  

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